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Invoice Date January 6, 2019
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Ilya Strashnoy

You guys have made a pretty good cover for me, but I'd like to see it as a digital illustration, with some adjustments. Basically I'd like to see the character's gaze directed more toward's his pistol, though his overall pose should remain the same. Also perhaps his hair (and skin) could be a little bit darker, but (his hair) the same length, maybe something like these photos (though we could play with the colors, if the color change doesn't work out we could go back to what it was):
Finally, for the background I would like to have the road starting mostly on the lower left and ending at the horizon mostly on the right. While it should have some curvature to it should not zig-zag, and the vehicle should be further out in the distance. I would very much like to see a dirt road connecting to the paved highway (from the LEFT side of the highway) and the car turning from the dirt road onto the highway with the trail of dust still behind it. The paved highway could perhaps look a bit broader than in my current cover, with some worn, faded markings on the asphalt separating the lanes. (Two lanes should be enough and there's no need for any signs.) Here's kind of an example of what I would like:
The car should still be seen through the character's torso but you can have it appear higher up, that is, closer to the solar plexus or even a bit higher, and perhaps a little to the right of center (it doesn't have to be centered exactly). Please let me know what you can do with these ideas, and if possible I would like to work with Vlad again, thank you.

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1 Digital Illustration
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An ebook cover using the new digital illustration

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